Shopping for brilliant Larimar Jewelry

Larimar Bracelet

Butterfly Larimar Cuff Bracelet

Larimar jewelry is quite popular for its unique style and quality. Although many people know and own this beautiful blue stone jewelry, not many are familiar with its origin or the reason why it is so unique. Larimar jewelry is made from a gorgeous semi-precious stone resulting from volcanic activity million years ago. This stone is unique because it is the only blue color pectolite discovered and found only in the Dominican Republic, located in the Caribbean. So if you are looking for real Larimar bracelets and Larimar rings Dominican Republic, the second largest island in the Caribbeanis the best place to be. You can also browse for shops in Santo Domingo, La Romana, Bavaro in this  Caribbean island and have the jewels shipped to you.

Since its discovery in 1974, Larimar jewelries were manufactured by dominican artisans and exported to different countries around the world. Larimar bracelets and Larimar
rings have a huge demand in US and UK markets. Classic styled Larimar jewelry is more popular although in the last years craftsmanship has very much improved adding special designs to this fascinating blue, blue green Larimar stone. A Larimar ring made of 925 sterling silver looks stunning and is also considered as a symbol of luck by many jewelry enthusiasts.


Larimar Heart Shape Bracelet

Although silver is usually used to make Larimar jewels, gold and other material such as mahogany wood are also used in different combinations to suit the color and brilliance of the stone. In high demand are always the Larimar earrings, which are mostly made with teardrop and oval shapes.Larimar stones are graded according to their purity and quality. Very light blue stones are less expensive than the darker blue ones. In Dominican Republic, there are many dealers who sell Larimar stones on wholesale to businessmen and jewelers around the world. You can browse online for such dealers and buy original Larimar stones at different prices.

Larimar jewelry has lot of online stores, so you may browse and find these located in the Dominican Republic, USA, Europe and other countries. Most of the stores in the USA have their Larimarjewelry handcrafted in Indonesia, India, China and a few in Mexico where the native craftsmanship of these countries is combined with this unique stone mined only in the Dominican Republic For more details Click Here. If you want a real piece of the Caribbean with its beautiful blue and blue green sea, than adominican handcrafted Larimar bracelet,ring orearring is a must have,which might also be found in the different nearby Caribbean island


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