Where to shop for original Larimar jewels

Among Larimar jewelry, bracelets and rings are quite popular for their unique styles and designs. Stones for Larimar bracelets come in different blue colors like opaque light blue, oceanic blue, blue green and crystal blue. Each piece of this gorgeous stone is special with its blue color combinations and unique patterns.

Larimar jewelry is available at different price ranges. This is the reason why they are so much in demand; however, the cost depends on the grade and quality of the Larimar stone, if its mounted on 925 silver or gold and the craftsmanship.

Unlike other stones, Larimar is quite popular among men. The strong blue color of Larimar suits men as perfectly as it would for a woman. When it comes to Larimar rings or cufflinks, men usually prefer silver or gold with rectangular or square shaped stones.

Blue Larimar Cufflinks

Blue Larimar Cufflinks

Larimar silver bracelets, pendants, rings, bangles and earrings have a huge market in US and every year stones worth millions are exported from Dominion Republic by jewelers and wholesale dealers.

Larimar is a unique blue color pectolite only found and mined in the Dominican Republic, high up in the mountains southwest of the island; all this makes this precious and rare semi-precious stone so special. Larimar stones are believed to possess healing powers and many people claim that they have experienced improvement in their overall health and wellbeing after using the Larimar stone.

The Dominican artisans are known for their classic designs with round, oval and teardrop shapes Larimar stones set with 925 sterling silver

The value of the auspiciousness is also associated with the quality and purity of the stone. Deep blue Larimar stones are the most expensive ones  and once they reach the overseas market their price is further inflated.

If you are looking for reasonable original Larimar stones or Larimar rings, Dominican Republic markets are the right place to be. You don’t need to visit the place; you can shop online or contact the Larimar dealers through phone For more details Click Here. These dealers would send you a catalogue with all the necessary details required. If you wish to buy in large quantities there are many wholesale dealers in Dominican Republic, who can also be located thru the internet.


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