All You Wanted to Know About Larimar Jewellery

Jewelry made from an exquisite stone, mined only in the Caribbean is called Larimar jewellery. This piece of naturally occurring beauty is often used in necklaces, bracelets etc. and is often sold at high prices outside the country. The stone is very rare such that it occurs only in mines located in the mountains southwest of the Dominican Republic; the area is restricted to less than a square kilometre! Needless to say the government has restricted excavation of this rock to a certain level to preserve this priceless stone.

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The Larimar stone is made into beautiful Larimar necklaces that enhance the beauty of women worldwide. These ornaments are made by the local artisans of Dominican Republic and sold at reasonable prices in the country. But when exported their value increases a lot and that is why you should do a bit of research before you buy Larimar jewellery. There are many bracelets and necklaces available that have been made with the different Larimar blue and blue green colours. The price of the gem increases, based on the colour. It’s quite rare to find a deep blue coloured gem, hence these Larimar stones are highly priced. Now, we all can’t take a trip to the Caribbean islands just to buy these gems, right! So the better idea would be to shop online for Larimar stone jewellery.

Larimar 925 silver jewellery can be bought online at many websites. One such website is The Larimar Shop, where you’ll find an exquisite and unique necklace collection exalting the beauty of Larimar stone. And not just necklaces & bracelets, this shop features various more creative ornaments and artefacts crafted by the store’s skilled craftsmen. The best part is, these artisans are from Dominican Republic, so you can leave al the worries about the authenticity of the jewellery.

Many people buy Larimar jewellery not only because of its beauty but also because of some other properties the stone is supposed to possess. According to local sayings, the stone is said to have additional health benefits. It is said that wearing Larimar necklaces or other forms of ornaments will help relieve stress from the mind. It said to calm the nerves and remove anxiety, thus acting as a great natural source of anti-depressant! This stone is associated to the lost continent of Atlantis and is often known as “Atlantis Stone”

So what are you waiting for? Login today at and buy yourself a piece of this exquisite gift of nature. With unique designs and a variety of ornaments available, you will not return disappointed. Pick from the beautiful necklace collection Larimar hand crafted by local artisans and gift your better half. Or pick a ring or bracelet for yourself to act as stress reliever, specially when the stone is in contact with your skin.


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