Larimar Jewelry and It’s Origin

Larimar rings

Traditional Larimar Ring

All forms of jewellery items are considered expensive mostly because they are more rare or unique.  It is the rarity of the stone that makes it coveted by many. These stones are mostly set with gold & silver because it is more in demand than any other metal, although people do fancy wooden jewellery items sometimes. One such unique piece of stone is the Larimar. Very rare, such that only one place in the world is known to be the site for it, Larimar jewellery is regarded very high in demand as it is unique and is considered along the lines of other precious items.

Larimar ring

Round Larimar Bead Ring

The Larimar jewellery is made from a rare blue pectolite called Larimar and its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is mined only in Caribbean in the Dominican Republic. This fascinating stone appears in an array of blue colors from deep blue to light blue, as well as blue green to jade green, mimicking the Caribbean Sea. Most of the Larimar stones have wonderful patterns designed by Mother Nature, making of each piece something unique.

The price of the jewel will depend on the quality of the Larimar stone; the deep blue is the most scarce and expensive. Of course if one visits the Caribbean, the price of this stone is quite less. The local people here make Larimar bracelets and Larimar necklaces themselves and sell them to the tourists. Once out of the country, when you buy Larimar jewellery the price increases considerably. Larimar stones are excellent export materials for the country benefiting specially the miners and the artisans.

Apart from the blue coloured stones, Larimar is also found with white spots and inclusions such as copper, hematite, calcite among others. The very light blue, almost white, colour is usually regarded as the lowest in quality. Blue being the highly priced stone, its often used in Larimar necklaces.  When this stone is placed in clean water for a few hours it will turn more blue as it absorbs the water. One can choose to buy Larimar cabochons or slabs directly or opt to buy readymade jewellery instead.

These stones are usually exported to USA, UK & Germany where they are sold at high prices since they are considered rare. Government at the Dominican Republic requested the local miners to form cooperatives and has given them the right to exploit this blue pectolite known by the name of Larimar. These cooperatives control the market of raw Larimar and put price on this stone taking into consideration that the demand is higher than the supply. So if you want to pick a fine piece of Larimar jewellery then the best option would be to buy directly from a website.

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