Larimar Rings For Many Moods and Feelings

There is a Larimar ring for every occasion. If you are making a declaration of love, Larimar ring is your expression of sentiment. If you are gifting something precious to someone close to you, Larimar rings say what you feel. If you do not have words to express emotion, let Larimar rings say it all for you.  Larimar rings are made for the ring finger and sit eloquently in a silver banded setting, saying a lot without the need for words. Larimar is a radical departure from the traditional stones and states unequivocally that you consider the recipient someone special, someone unique in your life.

The larimar collection offers choices in the shape of stones. You can get the elegant oval one, square faceted stone, rectangular stone for men, exquisite butterfly rings, happy hour ring or a heart shaped one.

Larimar occurs naturally in Los Chupaderos area, southwest of Barahona a province located in the Dominican Republic, the second largest island in the Caribbean. The stone exhibits natural striations and colorations. Each stone can be unique in terms of color depth and the variations in color striations with blue, blue-green and greenish blue predominating. When you get yourself a Larimar ring, you can be sure it is one of its kind in the whole world. The best shape that suits Larimar is oval but it can also be shaped to square, teardrop and elongated teardrop shapes.

Larimar rings Dominican Republic origin are prized by connoisseurs around the world and you can be the owner of a fantastic gemstone set in 925 silver, one that can possibly become a prized heirloom. Available from the Larimar online store as also from several online jewelry shops, Larimar rings represent value for money, an investment that grows over time. Larimar rings, Dominican Republic made can be purchased at affordable prices. Larimar rings sale offers are available from time to time and you can get yourself a large sized Larimar at a fraction of the cost of precious stones, but with the same intrinsic value.

Some have attributed other properties besides the obvious one of adornment and fashion. Larimar may, according to gemologists, act as a channel of cosmic energy and bring you peace, love and prosperity. Even if you disregard it, benefit from Larimar rings sale and have an one of a kind gem in your collection. In addition to Larimar rings, you can get a complete line of jewelry including bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants. There is an exquisite range for women and a stylish collection for men.


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