Elegantly Stylish Larimar Bracelets

Larimar bracelet

Statement Larimar Bracelet

Bracelets form an indispensable part of jewelry for women. With so many designs available, making the right choice of matching the bracelet to your dress and personality is easy but takes time. With elegantly stylish Larimar bracelets you simply cannot go wrong. Larimar jewelry bracelets epitomize timeless classic elegance. Larimar bracelets add to, enhance, beautify and make the wrist a focal point of attention, whether it is at a formal gathering or social events. You simply cannot go wrong. Bracelets from Larimar define your personality and add oodles of style.

Take the Larimar bracelet made of 925 silver wire bands and a single large Caribbean Sea blue jewel adoring it at the top. It defines a woman of taste and exudes a divine aura of elegance. Matched with pale colored dresses or dark dresses and this Larimar jewelry bracelet never fails to impress. Another exquisite offering from the Larimar range is a link bracelet with medium size oval shaped Caribbean sky blue jewels between the links, encircling the wrist. Made of 925 silver and superbly polished stone, this bracelet draws inspiration from jewelry styles prevailing centuries ago, yet carries modern overtones.

If ovals define quintessential feminity, the square shaped larimar jewelry bracelet can convey the message of feminity with purpose, something modern women will like. If the ample variety of Larimar blue goes equally well with pale shades or contrasts perfectly with black, the Larimar Amber silver inlaid jewelry bracelet is designed to draw “oohs” and “aahs”. It is a bracelet within a bracelet, projecting an image of a multi-faceted personality. Sport it with understated style or simply flaunt it, matching it with rings and earrings. Larimar jewelry bracelet makes a perfect gift for that special person in your life.

Larimar bracelet

Round Larimar Stones Bracelet

Carefree insouciance and casual approach take on new life with Larimar leather bracelets. Slim leather strings culminate in a trio of blue Larimar oval stones. A perennial favorite of women, these Larimar bracelets made of leather and fascinating blue jewels go perfectly with casual wear, ideal for when you are on a holiday or for everyday use, adding immensely to your chic quotient. Drape a leather handbag over your shoulder, ankle high leather boots and a leather strap watch and observe the effect this has.

These are a few from the exquisite collection of bracelets from Larimar, an unique and precious semi-precious stone, only mined in the Dominican Republic .  Browse the exquisite range online or at a jewelry store near you. Wholesale Larimar bracelet deals offer a tempting array of irresistible bracelets at the right price.


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