The Beauty of our Larimar Necklaces

Women are unique in that they have choices in colours and adornments. Jewelry and garments transform women; endow them with life, grace and charm. Larimar necklaces bring joyous celebration to women’s lives. Larimar necklaces range encompasses exquisite and timeless designs as well as bold, chunky, rebellious and festive designs. Handmade Larimar necklaces have a rustic charm and when you pair it with the right occasion and dress, you acquire an earthy elegance.Wild Boar Tusk Larimar Necklace

The blue and green blue Larimar stones, embedded exquisitely in 925 silver, set off your necklines, highlight shoulders and of course add an element of style to your dress and personality. Can you resist the single and double stone Larimar necklace? Rather difficult. Just as enticing are the tear drop necklace and the heart necklace. The exotic Wild Boar Tusk Larimar Necklace is an exquisite depiction of refined elegance designed for sophisticated women. If you are in a holiday mood the red coral and  tropical sky blue Larimar necklace is exactly the thing to depict your mood.

Match these exquisite handmade Larimar necklaces with Larimar earrings and you have an unbeatable combination. Style your hair right, wear the right dress with matching neckline and dazzle the company with perfectly matched Larimar necklace and earrings. Larimar necklaces bring joyous celebration to women’s lives. The larimar and wood necklace is something just perfect for partying with élan and carefree abandon. That is not all. Appear bold and outgoing with the nuggets and silver loops Larimar necklace or a marvel of simplistic elegance with the teardrop necklace sitting prettily across your neckline.

Buy Larimar necklace and earrings for yourself or as a precious gift for someone you value and cherish. Larimar necklaces and earrings come in matched sets or let you mix and match styles according to how you visualize these would fit the personality and style of the recipient.  When you buy handmade Larimar necklaces, you not only get a personalized and one of its kind jewelry, but you also support craftsmen in the Dominican Republic.  The beauty if Larimar is that each stone is distinct and no two are alike. Craftsmen choose matching pieces to give a harmony and coherence to handmade Larimar necklaces and who knows, over time, these may become treasured heirlooms.

Priced affordably and available in a wide range, either alone or as matched Larimar necklace and earrings sets, you can buy them from the online shop. Of course, if you happen to visit the Dominican Republic, you can browse through the collections in the store and even order a special handmade set for you.


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