A Closer Look at Larimar Jewelry Workshops in the D.R.

In our country, the Dominican Republic, the only place in the whole world, so far, where the blue pectolite, named LARIMAR is mined, you will find a variety of small workshop formed by old and young artisans who handcraft Larimar rings, pendants, bracelets, as well as Larimar necklaces, also using different types of beads to obtain beautiful natural Larimar pieces.Larimar Necklace

Those workshops are all over the city of Santo Domingo and some have moved to small towns close to the Larimar mines where they can lower their production cost using less expensive workmanship and obtaining better prices and stone quality.

The designs of most Larimar bracelets and earrings are very simple and classic, mainly made with teardrop and oval shapes cabochons. One can find more variety in the Larimar rings and pendants, where more free form cabochons are used.

Larimar EarringsIf the artisan wants to make the most of a Larimar slab, he will make only free form cabochons and cut the regular shapes from small stones.

You will also find the combination for example of Larimar bracelets and earrings with Dominican pink conch and amber. Only one or two artisans combine Larimar jewelry with mother of pearl.Larimar stones bracelets

A few years ago many workshops used 14K gold to mount first quality Larimar stone, but nowadays, due to extremely high price of gold, they use mainly 925 silver, giving buyers the opportunity to have beautiful blue Larimar pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces for reasonable prices.


Larimar is a special semi-precious stone because it has a rich variety of deep blue, light blue and green blue colors like our Caribbean Sea and beaches, also with beautiful patterns making each piece unique.



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