Amber mined in the Dominican Republic – Part I

Part I

Amber is a fossilized tree resin; in the Dominican Republic the Hymenaea Protera trees of the tertiary geological period yielded our Amber and according to scientific researches they are between 15-25 million years old. Our Amber has a larger number of fossils trapped within than the Baltic Amber! Many typical insects, frogs, lizards, scorpions and flora elements, represent a valuable fact for science and collectors, which pay high prices for these Amber pieces!

The beauty of the Amber of the Dominican Republic is beyond any doubt unbeatable!

Dangle Amber earrings.

Dangle Amber earrings.

Dominican amber has a variety of brilliant colors, with more hues than in any other place in the world. Its transparency and great chromatic richness make our amber very valuable. From the transparent clear yellow, honey, brown, cognac, green, blue to the dark almost black, a fantastic palette of colors that exalts the beauty and charm of our amber.

The movie “Jurassic Park” gave worldwide fame to the Dominican Amber!

Our amber is found in different regions of the Dominican Republic. In the area of Santiago-Puerto Plata, in the northern mountain range, the amber is mined by means of horizontal tunnels cut in the rocks and around El Valle – Hato Mayor area, in the eastern mountain range; the amber is mined from vertical shaft dug in sand or clay! Different from the Larimar pits, the Amber pits are not deep enough to allow a man to stand up!

Amber beads and silver bracelet.

Amber beads and silver bracelet.

Like the Larimar mines, the Amber miners have to work on a primitive way using, rudimentary tools, such as hammers, picks, and shovels, which are used depending on the soil and sedimentary composition having to cope with high temperatures and humidity. These miners have little to no safety measures just like their fellows the Larimar miners.

To be continue…


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