Amber mined in the Dominican Republic – Part II

Part II

Scientist might still be debating over the possible origin of the different colors of Amber; the kind of tree that yielded the resin, but many causes have influenced the color of the Amber, such as the conditions under which it fossilized, the presence of natural organic and mineral elements, the different temperatures and pressure in the amber layers.

Dominican Amber Bracelets

Butterfly Amber Bracelet

At this moment the most sought after is the blue Amber, which is unbelievable costly. A pound of blue Amber is actually US$ 36,000 approx., and the more pure, that is impurities free, the higher its price. Blue Amber is rare because of its unique fluorescence of beautiful blue shade. There are a few theories about the blue Amber coloration you can find in the Internet if you have special interest in the specific type of Amber.

The wealthy community of China and Japan are the main buyers of blue Amber for there is a belief, that it provides good luck and prosperity among other properties. In ancient time, Amber was also used for healing and protection. Actually, the price for blue Amber is higher than the price for gold! Miners are now only interested in finding blue Amber and many times the buyers are already waiting at the mine site to buy the best quality.

Some local artisans have moved to the regions where the blue Amber is mined to be able to get hold of some of this blue Amber to make Dominican handmade jewelry to benefit of this blue Amber too.

Amber Cuff Bracelet

Large Amber Cuff Bracelet

When buying any Amber on the Internet, one must be very careful for there is also fake Amber for sale. It can be proven only physically, by placing it in salt water. The real Amber will float and the fake one will sink! This plastic imitation can also be distinguished from the natural by rubbing them; the fake one will not become as electrostatically charged.

The Greek were the first to observe and record the electrostatic properties of Amber, the Greek name of Amber -Elektron became a root word for electricity.

Please notice there’s a Part I of this post, click here to read!


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