Larimar Earrings for a Classic Look

By themselves, earrings are plain pieces of jewelry. Attach them to women’s ears and a slight shake of the head, an inclination, a toss take on an exotic air. More so when you have Larimar earrings adorning your ears. Larimar earrings are for women of discernment who look beyond traditional stones and jewelry. Yes, these earrings do make a style statement. However, it goes beyond style, it projects you as an intelligent and thinking woman, besides possessing charm and attraction. Larimar earrings do this for you, because of its unique fascinating and intriguing beauty.

Larimar earings

Larimar Dangle Earrings

Larimar is a special stone only mined in on place in the world, the Dominican Republic.  As an ensemble Larimar earrings enhance your personality and highlight your dress, whether you choose subtle variations of pastel shades or strongly vivid and vibrant colors.  Amber and Larimar earrings seem to be made for each other. Amber in Larimar earrings, unlike traditional amber, is fossilized tree resin, 20 – 30 million years old, mined in the Dominican Republic. Larimar amber is available in various hues, ranging from transparent pale yellows through to rich golden, orange, red and deep brown as well as almost black that catch highlights and glow warmly with a liquid light. Blue and green amber are rare and exhibit a liquid translucence. The Amber and Larimar earringsexude an air of graciousness and charm that will instantly impress.  If you are particular about matching earrings to dresses, tropical sea blue Larimar earrings should be your choice.

Larimar earrings are available in a range of styles and designs to match your personality, the occasion and the dress. Priced affordably, these earrings are available as delicate filigreed types as well as bold studs. Single stoned, double stoned, large stoned, blue Larimar earrings combined with Amber, crescent moon shaped earrings, oval shaped clip earrings, rectangular studs, silver and blue beaded earrings and round studs are but a few from the vast collection of Larimar earrings.  Undoubtedly, Amber and Larimar earrings are unique and a woman should have at least one amber earring in her collection. Equally desirable is the Larimar earringsset.

Buy for yourself or consider Larimar earrings as a gift. There is something special and unique about Larimar jewelry that sets it in a class of its own. Larimar holds its own against more expensive precious stones and endows the wearer with an unique aura that even the costliest ones cannot give.


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